Dodge Ram OEM Projector Outline 2009-2012 | ONEUPLIGHTING

$182.95 $220.99

Give Your Headlights A Color Change.

Color changing headlights are the BEST of both worlds. OneUpLighting is proud to give you the option to CHOSE from millions of color pallets, but also allow you to change it back to white. Our Color Changing headlights provide UNMATCHED reliability, they are engineered to last over 15,000 HOURS. The multi-color, APP INTEGRATED and DIY blinking patterns are what makes OneUpLighting’s lights stand out from the competition.

Easy Installation - Direct Fit & No Modification Needed


  • Color: App integrated choose from millions
  • Brightness: Adjustable up to 45000 Luminous Flux
  • Certifications: CE & Rohs


  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Bluetooth APP Integrated QR Code
  • Color Changing Halos for your Dodge Ram 2013-2017

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