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Showcase the Wheels of Your Ride with WheelGlow-X

Thought you had to buy a Tron Bike to get wheels that glow? Think again.

It's time to showcase the wheels of your ride with Oneuplighting's LATEST LED RGBW Wheel Rings.

Our wheel lights allow you to choose from a color chasing or solid RGBW Color mode.

  • Install directly to the dust shield or hub assembly and allows the LED Wheel lights to shine through the wheel for a custom look.
  • Each wheel lights kit includes a pre-attached waterproof SMD LED light strip, control box, wireless remote and the hardware you’ll need for a complete installation.
  • Installation is EASY and takes just MINUTES

led wheel lights


  • 4pc 40cm Diameter Aluminum Wheel Lighting
  • 1pc App Controlled Control Box

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