Flexible Color Chasing Tubes | LED DRL Tubes | ONEUPLIGHTING


Oneuplighting is proud to present it's color-chasing LED DRL flex tubes. These tubes can change to any solid color; pure white or hundreds of moving, multicolor chasing patterns. The flexibility of DRL tubes allow you to install these virtually anywhere! Flex them into a full circle or apply them to flat areas as well. 

These flexible LED DRL tubes can be cut/trimmed to any desired length, you'll just need to cut between the LED chips. This flexibility allows for our DRL tubes to fit inside of any headlight. Most importantly, our DRL tubes also offer the option to give a sleek amber sequential turn signal. Stand out from the crowd and order yours today!

The best part; these flexible color chasing tubes are a UNIVERSAL fit, guaranteed to fit in any headlight assembly! 

Order Includes: 

  • Flexible 24" Color Chasing LED DRL tubes - 2x
  • Controller + wiring harnesses
  • QR Code for direct app connectivity

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